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Bridgerton "Style" Casting Call for Black Doll Affair Single Dolls

In association with Doron Ofir at Doron Ofir Casting, one of Mama Doll's besties and one of Hollywood's most delivering casting directors (Rupaul's Drag Race, Jersey Shore, American Idol, etc), we bring to hue this special Experience casting call for single Black & Porcelain Dolls. Bridgerton has spawned everything from merchandise to food trends and official immersive experiences.

Shonda Rhimes’ series is now influencing reality television trends with a new dating format. The series will follow a heroine looking for her duke. Transported to a Regency-style England, a group of eligible hopeful suitors will have to win the heart of the heroine, and her court. Housed in a castle in the countryside, set on a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills, the heroine and suitors will experience that with which dreams are made of. From carriage rides and boat rides on the lake to archery and handwritten letters to communicate, they will be immersed in a time-traveling quest for love. In the end, the heroine and her suitors will discover if the ultimate romantic experience will find them true love.

Qualifications: Must be a (black or white) Doll! To become a Doll there are no membership fees just buy your Doll Tee. Must be willing to be the lead on a fantasy dating show! Must be ages 23-32. Must be single, bhuetiful and accomplished! Must be prepared to be "the bachelorette" and courted by 20 men. Must have two family members and 2 besties to assist you. All will be flown to England and transported to the Victorian era, Bridgerton style! Email: dollingexperiences@gmail.com. Email Subject title: Casting Doll.  

Become a Magazine MoDoll (Model)!

The Black Doll Affair Magazine MoDoll Experiences are open to members of The Black Doll Affair, Black Doll Affair Modoll (model) Experiences are once in a lifetime Affairs! Each Experience is designed for the Dolling purchaser to live their best life, on purpose! From enjoying private Affairs like our "Meghan & Harry Royal Wedding Watch Party (see below), as filmed by ABC, Time and People Magazine, to our local and national Magazine Experiences and more! Where dreams come true and Experiences are jaw-dropping, this is the bucket list department of The Black Doll Affair! 

Email: dollingexperiences@gmail.com for YOUR Experience of a lifetime!

Become a MoDoll!

Mama Doll What is The Black Doll Affair

The Black Dolls and "The Story of the Royals"


Due to Covid-19 and th3e CDC's guidelines for social distancing, The Black Doll Affair social club events are on hold until further notice. Please check your email for scheduled online special events.


Be the Boss! Text: The Doll  for an interview:

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Seasonal Ambassadors for our movement, on the first Saturday of every December, Christmas Ambassadolls host self-esteem  parties and doll giveaways in their neighborhoods across the country. Then, they retire until next season! Text the Doll Phone for your interview: (404) 660-7363 #ambassadolls

Welcome to the Dollhouse!

Kiri Davis' "A girl like me" doll Test On Oprah kicked started our movement!

Become a Black Doll! No Membership fee. Just buy your Doll Tee!

In "Doll Tests," black children chose the white doll as pretty and good while identifying the black doll as bad and ugly. On TV, we see black women behaving less than dolling. Good or bad, how we perceive ourselves is learned unconsciously in childhood. Becoming philanthropists, giving away black dolls, playing with living and toy black dolls are great ways to reverse negative notions and rethink our internal concepts about ourselves and each other. These are the Affairs of The Black Dolls and our "pretty...philanthropic" solution to disempowering social issues affecting our community.  "Be a Doll, give a doll!" To become a Doll, there are NO membership fees, simply purchase your Doll Tee. Then follow the easy steps to get involved and begin life as a Doll.  Sponsored by Macy's & Mattel (Barbie brand), join us for social change, philanthropy and play!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN! Become a Black Doll! No Membership fee. Just buy your Doll Tee!

The Black Doll Affair 12th Annual Giveaway - Kansas City, KS.

With Poet and Honorary Black Doll, Theresa Tha Songbird's "You So Black" poem as the audio backdrop of this video, in partnership with Friendship Baptist Church, Black Doll Affair Kansas City, KS. Ambassadoll, Nikol Straws, teaches her bhuetiful youth and adult guests about Queen Nandi, daughter of Bhebhe, a past of the Langeni tribe and the other of the famous Shaka, King of the Zulus. #yousoblackqueen

People MAG Beautiful Issue

The Black Doll Doll Affair Modoll Experience: People Magazine "Beautiful" issue (formerly known as the 50 most Beautiful People in the World" is now casting.

RSVP in the Online Dollhouse at Meetup here: http://meetu.ps/e/HfQ0L/NY1f/d

Yesterdays People Magazine video announcement is here: https://youtu.be/h-SxVWBjK4A

Become a Black Doll, there are NO membership fees, just buy a Black Doll tee here: https://bit.ly/2l9RV0f

#bdamodoll #dollingexperiences #theblackdolls

Black Doll Affairs (Events)

Corporate Supporters

Dem Cookies!

Um, Yum!

"Doll, have hue tried Da Food Whisperer's cookies?" Run, don't walk to try "Dem Cookies!"  The official cookie of The Black Doll Affair, you've NOT had a cookie if you haven't had "Dem Cookies!" - Mama Doll


Barbie Brand

Mattel, the world's largest toy maker, is a proud supporter of The Black Doll Affair. #barbie #blackbarbie

The Black Dolls in Oprah Magazine, the Black Doll Affair in Oprah Magazine


 Celebrating 60 years of Barbie and 11 Years of The Black Doll Affair SELF-ESTEEM MOVEMENT! 

Honorary and Celebrity Members

Honorary Black Dolls & Brothas

Cheryl Brown-Henderson

Honorary Ambassadoll of Race Relations

In Brown vs. the Board of Education, the historical Supreme Court ruling that desegregated U.S. schools, Cheryl is one of the three daughters of the late Rev. Oliver L. Brown who in the fall of 1950 along with 12 other parents, led by attorneys for the NAACP, filed suit on behalf of their children against the local Board of Education.

Danny Strong

Honorary Porcelain Pal

Emmy Award winning actor, screenwriter and producer first known for his character Jonathan on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Danny wrote the screenplay for the movie "The Butler" and co-created Fox's hit show "Empire". 

Gabrielle Union, Black Doll Black Doll Affair

Gabrielle Union

Honorary Ambassadoll of Health

NAACP Image Award winning actress whose acting career began on television in the 90s. Gabrielle's breakthrough film role was in "Bring It On". Today she entertains fans as Mary Jane on BET's television series "Being Mary Jane."


Misty Copeland

Honorary Black Doll

Misty Copeland is an American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre (ABT), one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States. Copeland made history when she became the first African American woman to be promoted to Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. 

Shane Evans & Taye Diggs

Honorary Black Doll Brothas

BFF, business partners, Shane and Taye mixed their passions and talents of acting, writing and illustrating to remind children of their worth. TheIr books: Chocolate Me! & Mixed Me! are official children's books of The Black Doll Affair. 

Full List of Honorary Members

William L. Hawthorne III, Esquire, (pictured left), B 

Angie B, Barbie, Cheryl Brown-Henderson, Damali Keith, Danny Strong, Raymond Leslie, Gabrielle Union, Garrain Jones, Karen Grey, Kendra Dixon, Khoudia Diop, Kim Roxie, Kwanza Hall, Lauren Singleton, Lisa Kitchens, Lola Gulley, Lovely Hoffman, Mala Bryan, Representative Margaret Kaiser, Misty Copeland, Monica Kaufman-Pearson, Nan Orrock, Nicole Farrell, Queen, Rashan Ali, ShalomIsrael Diggs, Shane Evans, RaSharon Reed, Shuler King, Stacey McBride-Irby, Taye Diggs, Theresa Tha Songbird, Wanda Smith, Will Dixon and Yvette Caslin

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